What I am probably going to be doing in the next few years in Italia

This is the proposal for my appointment in Italy.

This is the suggested appointment from my friend and colleague Major David Cavanagh in Italy (he’s the no.2 for The Salvation Army in Italy).

The appointment title would be something like: Officer for combatting human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

To back this up, I would suggest a brief along the following lines:

1. To research the extent of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Italy
2. To raise awareness of the issues through seminars and visits to Corps and Centres
3. To identify organisations already combatting the phenomenonand to establish appropriate network connections.
4. To identify the most useful and effective intervention The Salvation Army in Italy can make
5. To prepare and launch pilot projects
6. To work together with officers, soldiers and personnel of the Command to train them for ministry in these areas.

so I am not going to be doing this alone and your prayers will go with me.



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