Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow….

As a child I grew up with a mum loving The Beatles. We always had the music either being sung by her or played on the record player. and so as I prepare for the future and the move to Italy for my future role today the song “Yesterday” comes to mind. Most of us can sing or recite the first line – All my troubles seem so far away……
Well yesterday brought into sharp focus again the work I shall be doing in Italy. I was attending a training on how to interview victims of trafficking for whatever the reason they have been trafficked. It was a training about the sensitivity needed and the fact that we are a part of their future.
Sometimes I wonder what the future will hold. But after yesterday I am certain of the task that God has called me too and the one that The Salvation Army is entrusting to me. I am aware that this is not about me, but it is about me too. I am the one that God has called to this and so I am learning to embrace that thought God knows why and what and has it all in hand even before I get there.

In the mean time I am looking forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones and also visiting some of the places that I love in Rome including the Trevi Fountain. Down some back alleys is this fabulous fountain and it cheers my heart to think that I will be near it again soon. and also discovering some of the lovely ice cream houses again! Must search out the one near the Pantheon! oooo – I am getting excited about the thought of living in the ‘Eternal City’ (as it is known) or should I say that crazy place I will call home.


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