Long time no blog means long blog

So I am sitting out in the backyard at my friends house as mine isn’t ready yet? Today the temperature arrived at 38*C and then a thunderstorm happened with hailstones and its been raining ever since making the temperature a bearable 25*C and I being the good Brit am sat under a cover in my shorts outside typing away. Perfect weather for me.
3 days ago I left the UK after what seemed like months of parties and goodbyes and lots of tears. Most of those at the airport. The night before I celebrated my departure with Christmas decorations and then sparklers to celebrate Guy Fawkes – my birthday (cards need to be sent the week before 😉) and a barbecue.
I arrived and met some amazing people and already God has placed people on my path for connections to do with the ministry I have ahead.
Yesterday I drove in Rome and scared myself half silly as I nearly ended up on the motorway to Firenze (Florence). Who needs a theme park? I got a little homesick yesterday so I headed to Ikea for food and furniture and that helped.
Today – well, it’s Sunday so I went to the Corps (church) here in Rome and was welcomed by the boss of Italy and he said some lovely things. The meeting was good and the worship was good. Amazing how natural it was to worship in Italian but God knows what he is doing and that’s all a part of the process..tomorrow my stuff arrives to a newly decorated house and then the cleaners move in! Next week I will hopefully move in too! But for now my friend Blackie the dog is doing what I need-keeping me company!
Grateful to all those that have taken time to send messages of support and love and prayers. Now the real work begins!

Below is my framily – people who have always been around for me!



2 thoughts on “Long time no blog means long blog

  1. Iris Bennett

    My heart dropped when you said you felt a bit homesick. You are just in a different place, all the people who love and respect you are still with you through the internet. xx

  2. Glad Ljungholm

    Soooooooooo, soooooooooo proud of you and excited for you and for the Kingdom, those you will minister to and TSA. Whoever would have imagined all those years ago in Burnt Oak when you first felt called to minister in Italy it would have lead to this … Thanking God for your obedience and faithfulness Estelle. Promise the assurance of my love and prayers! GBY real good and those you will minister to in HIs Name!

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