August has happened (nearly )

Life is crazy at times and this week has seen a definite change in the weather. It seems people are returning to their homes and there are still some like me thinking about a holiday in the future.
The office is getting here, a phone is being installed soon but that’s fine by me. The a/c keeps me cool when I need the refreshment.
What have I been doing recently? A couple of weeks ago I attended the youth camp in the beautiful surroundings of Bobbio Pellice in the mountains in the northern part of Italy. What a privilege to pass some time with the youth of the Command from both Italy & Greece. I had the chance to teach them on subjects of Social justice; including Human Trafficking and Prostitution. The shock and fear and magnitude of the problem here in Italy & Greece became real to them and they are believing that there is a way forward. I keep telling them that I am here because of God’s calling on my life and that they too can be a part of the revolution that God has for them.
As I showed them the remains of my mosquito bites, I reminded them that we can do something in the world even though we are small in number. Please pray because I really believe that this time of change is upon us and that we will see a change in the country. We may be a small Army but God can use us to bring about big change. 

On my return I began to make contacts with different agencies and ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking) responded straightaway. They are really excited about my being here. They are not a Christian organisation but I believe that God can use this connection.
Sunday 29th September is the International Day of Prayer for Victims of Trafficking. Although originally (and still) a Salvation Army iniative – join in and get involved by going to Day of Prayer and you will find lots of resources available.
I have made available for The Salvation Army here in Italy some resources for prayer and we will be joining people all over the world praying for change. I am really excited about the future of what God has in store for us as a church.

I am now living in my house and I love it – I have to go and buy a sofa soon, but my camping chairs have served me well.

I will try and write another blog at the end of September.


4 thoughts on “August has happened (nearly )

  1. Marjory

    Glad to hear things are coming along. I keep following the pics and comments on FB and would have gladly had a few of your degrees of sunshine over here! Praying for you daily. Keep up the good work, in God’s strength.

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