been a while

where have I been and what have i done? now that’s a big question for me to answer and in some ways the reason that I have been absent.

so here goes from January to now: 

Potenza to present what Trafficking is and what we can do to be a part of the action against it. 

Then Kathy & Lindsay came to stay and that was fab. I have no idea what we were laughing about but this was a fun moment. I love having friends visit and they are going to be many more coming this year. It’s a little crazy busy at times but that’s what makes life fun.

Gelato time

On to Greece to spend time with The Salvation Army there and Thessaloniki was incredible for many reasons and Athens, equally special. I love that country and the people but there is so much need. it still blows me away that I had the oppurtunity to walk where Paul was and to remeber that His message is still relevant today and still the Gospel is changing lives as it did Pauls.

The harbour in Thessaloniki

Then onto the sprawling and crazy and chaotic and a city that is full of paradoxes and in need of Jesus as it always was. To see the Acropolis from afar and to be involved in the ministry of the new corps (church) there was a special time. I was blessed and honoured to be a apart of the ceremony where 4 women made the decision to serve Jesus as full time members of The Salvation Army. this is me with the leaders of the church. What a privilege.

me in Greece with the new soldiers.


I came back from Greece with a head full of vision and blessings and prepared my heart and head and spirit for something that was about to make history (again). I returned to Naples Corps to present at a Networking and Anti Trafficking evening at the corps. The hall was packed and I really believe that we made an impact and connected like minded people.

Naples SA


Sometimes living up to what we are called to do can be hard and I am grateful for the corps that are having the courage to face these problems head on! and on the Sunday morning I had the oppurtunity to preach the Word of God at the meeting but I was challenged to take a Sunday selfie and so here we are before the worship started at Naples corps. There was a spirit of unity and I was encouraged by this community so much and they are daily fighting the problems that are in front of us each. And trust me being a protestant in a Catholic country is not easy. This corps is growing and they are reaching the community! I am so blessed to have them in my life. 

Sunday selfie

Back from there and February became my Sicily focussed month. I was to travel to Castelvetrano. Look it up on the map (it’s on the west of Sicily and I love it). The whole week was focussed on Anti human Trafficking and God revealed some amazing stuff and yes we “stormed the forts of darkness”. That’s been an overriding feeling for me. I know we are doing something even it doesn’t always feel like it! I know that we are working to see change in this beautiful land. 


This photo was taken on the one and only day that it didn’t rain and so i sat in the sun and read my book for a while. I took some me time and I need to do that regularly. This means that i am going to be better for the ministry and the work that I am doing! I was also revising my Italian language studies as that has recommenced. 




And just this week I returned from Catania. This was the last plae i lived in before returning to the Uk in 2002. It’s a city that gave me so much to think about, mainly because of the volcano that erupts regularly. Mount Etna is an amazing piece of creation that dominates the landscape and architecture. It has some amazing food and the people are so great. The corps there has grown so much and the hall was full. I did a presentation here too and it was great. 


So now I am home for a while but soon I set off again, this time I am heading north. I am looking forward to celebrating Easter with friends and colleagues. I cannot wait to celebrate Freedom! Watch this space for what happens in the future but I sincerely hope it wont be as long next time.


(Ps there may be mistakes – sorry for that!)  



One thought on “been a while

  1. Marjory

    Whew! What an active few months you’ve had! It makes me dizzy just reading it all 🙂 Seriously, glad that God is using you big time! Praying for you daily. Love and God bless, Marjory

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