Facebook Reading Challenge

I was nominated by my good friend Carl Jylland-Halverson from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

It was suggested that in my FB status I list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way.

here are the guidelines: “Don’t take more than a few minutes and do not think too hard. They do not have to be the “right” books or great works of literature, just ones that have affected you in some way. Tag 10 friends including me so I can see your list.”

Here are mine:
1. The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy by Douglas Adams
2. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
3. Stand Up & Be Counted by Tony Campolo
4. Be A Hero by Court & Campbell
5. On A Black Hill by Bruce Chatwin
6. Scars & Stilettos by Harmony Dust
7. Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich
8. Margherita Dolcevita by Stefano Benni
9. This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti
10. With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin

actually – this wasn’t so easy and the non thinking it too much didn’t help but here they are.



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