Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow….

As a child I grew up with a mum loving The Beatles. We always had the music either being sung by her or played on the record player. and so as I prepare for the future and the move to Italy for my future role today the song “Yesterday” comes to mind. Most of us can sing or recite the first line – All my troubles seem so far away……
Well yesterday brought into sharp focus again the work I shall be doing in Italy. I was attending a training on how to interview victims of trafficking for whatever the reason they have been trafficked. It was a training about the sensitivity needed and the fact that we are a part of their future.
Sometimes I wonder what the future will hold. But after yesterday I am certain of the task that God has called me too and the one that The Salvation Army is entrusting to me. I am aware that this is not about me, but it is about me too. I am the one that God has called to this and so I am learning to embrace that thought God knows why and what and has it all in hand even before I get there.

In the mean time I am looking forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones and also visiting some of the places that I love in Rome including the Trevi Fountain. Down some back alleys is this fabulous fountain and it cheers my heart to think that I will be near it again soon. and also discovering some of the lovely ice cream houses again! Must search out the one near the Pantheon! oooo – I am getting excited about the thought of living in the ‘Eternal City’ (as it is known) or should I say that crazy place I will call home.


Moving Forward

Moving forward is a weird place to be!

my friends are organising a party for me and I am excited about the future but I am also aware that this week my life has been compartmentalized by quotes from a removal company for my belongings to go either to Italy or to storage. And then I have seen adverts for events happening after I have gone and already I hear people discussing the future which I shall watch from afar.

This is all okay and last week I also received an email full of information about the situation of prostitution & trafficking in Italy and I was overwhelmed but I am aware of the fact that God goes ahead of me and that He is indeed in charge of the future and I am just a part of the plan for His kingdom.
And I am aware that I am not the only person in this situation but it’s been a bit freaky this week – that is all.

Worlds Colliding

This week i have been at The Salvation Army William Booth College in London translating for 4 Cadets (trainee Salvation Army Officers/Ministers) from Italy.
It was a huge privilege and I am very blessed to have been able to spend the time with the cadets in lessons and yesterday in worship/teaching services called ‘Spiritual Day’. I left the college just under 21 years ago and this was my first Spiritual day in that time. It was fabulous to see the holy spirit at work powerfully for so many and I believe that God is moving within our future leaders.
Although last week it was announced that i am returning to Italy – yesterday my worlds collided.
I saw my present leadership for London who were meeting for a prayer and strategy day at WBC – a future I will pray for but wont be a part of; I saw my future colleagues from the European anti-trafficking response network meeting to discuss strategy for the future and how we can bring freedom to millions. And then I was sat with my friends from Italy and in that moment I realised that I was investing in the future and the future is going to be amazing believing in freedom.
How weird did it feel – but how right did speaking in Italian feel and how wonderful did spending time with the community feel.
I am blessed but the future is in God’s hands and I know He will help me to see change come about and freedom come to 1000’s I believe.